Good Health is Priceless!

Health and Wellness

Paula Hilbert

Paula McClellan-Hilbert has been in the Health care field since 1996 and in Complementary and Alternative Medicine since 2000.  She is Certified in Natural Health through Tree of Light Institute, and Certified as a Nutrition, Diet and Health Specialist through Ashworth University. 

Intensely interested and passionate about the rise of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and Preventive Medicine, Mrs. Hilbert obtained her Bachelor's in Health Science in 2011with emphasis on Health and Wellness at Kaplan University, and his now pursuing her Master's in Health Education.  Some of the classes she has taken have been:

  • Creating Wellness: Psychological and Spiritual Aspects of Healing;
  • Models of Health and Wellness;
  • Vitamins, Herbs and Nutritional Supplements;
  • Scientific Foundations of Exercise and Fitness;
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM);
  • Research Methods for Health Sciences;
  • Contemporary Diet and Nutrition;
  • Current Trends in Exercise and Fitness-Aging Well Across the Lifespan;
  • Stress-Critical Issues in Management and Prevention;
  • Health and Wellness Programming-Design and Administration;
  • Public Health;
  • Ecological and Environmental Perspectives on Food;
  • Epidemiology;
  • Microbiology;
  • Environmental Health;
  • Marketing Research;
  • Culture and Religion Identity; and many more.

The Founder of the Results Project-Orlando Chapter in 2004, Mrs. Hilbert taught parents of ADD/ADHD, Bi-polar and Autistic children how to find the Causes of their child’s symptoms, helped eliminate those causes and often helped the parent get their child off some or all prescription medications (with the doctor’s guidance), all the while helping the parent direct their child to a happy, healthy, successful, and drug-free life.

Mrs. Hilbert has been on several radio programs, has held several fund-raisers for medically needy and medically fragile children, and has sponsored several of her clients in health related documentaries by the Citizen's Commission on Human Rights, as well as the local news.

Ad avid reader and writer, Mrs. Hilbert is the author of the forth-coming book, Good Health is Priceless - Working Solutions for Healthy Living.  She has a certification in writing for children and teenagers from the Institute for Writing in Connecticut and has written many Wellness related articles and a Creating Wellness blog on raising healthy children and living a healthier life - for all ages.

Good Health is Priceless!