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Psychological and Spiritual Aspects of Healing

There are Four Points that Illuminate the Path to Integral Healing.

The first point: The truth of Healing

Ordinary health - when the body is free of symptoms.  This is when there is no outward signs of any kind of disease and one has sustained energy.  Blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, and blood work are all within normal ranges.  However, one won't have that without having good mental health as well.  That would take us to Integral health.

Integral health - free of mental afflictions and suffering and have enduring well-being, happiness and wholeness.  To have integral health is to have feelings of gratefulness, love and to have purpose in life.

The second point: The truth of Human Flourishing

Attaining this level is achievable by everyone who strives for it.  I always use to say, "Strive for excellence - everything else is unacceptable."  That is what the truth to human flourishing means to me.

Human Flourishing is within everyone of us, if we are able to see it through dark moments.  Faith is crucial here because we have to overcome what we have programmed to believe, and we have to think outside the box.  We have to sometimes go against the flow and not do what the majority do, if we know that isn't right.

The third point: The truth of the Integral Path

It is important that all areas of our life: the psycho-spiritual, biological, interpersonal and worldly all flourish into their full potential.  In my blog, I wrote that my biological area needs work.  I have done so much on my other areas of recent, that I had gained weight because of lack of physical exercise.  I have lost 12 pounds in the past 8 weeks, and have lost two dress sizes.  This I needed to do for my own health and self-esteem.  How could I say I have flourished in my psycho-spiritual, interpersonal and worldly areas if I was in danger of a heart attack, or if I looked terrible?  I have always looked pretty good, and the time I've spent pursuing my Bachelor's Degree while working has taken its toll on my physical body.  I don't want people to look at me and think, "I'm not going to listen to her, she's overweight!"  I want them to look at me and say, "what is she doing that she looks so good at her age?"  When I think of the four areas, I think about four tires on a car.  If they all become flat, which one would you fix.  And of course, the answer is, "all of them."

The fourth point: The truth of the Fruits

If we remove the causes of suffering, we will gain freedom from needless suffering, and if we create the causes of integral health, happiness and wholeness, we will get those things.  Say 10 times you yourself:

  • May all individuals gain freedom from suffering;
  • May all individuals have health, happiness and wholeness
  • May I assist all individuals gain freedom from suffering;
  • May I assist all individuals have health, happiness and wholeness.

If I am going to assist all individuals to gain freedom from suffering and to have health, happiness and wholeness, I must achieve that myself.  And I do that by becoming of and removing the causes of unnecessary suffering, the confusion and misunderstandings by training my mind.  I need to know what I should dwell on and what I need to let go.   The Serenity Prayer helps me do that:

 "God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can, and

The Wisdom to know the difference."

When we pray this prayer and utilize our efforts in training our mind, and replace our disturbing thoughts with loving-kindness, we get an inner calm, a discerning wisdom, and an open heart.  These are the principals CAUSES that make human flourishing possible.  This is a transformational thing and in time, our lives will harvest the fruits of a well lived life. (Dacher, 2006. p 130-135).


Dacher, E (2006).  Integral Health, the Path to Human Flourishing.  Basic Health Publications. Laguna Beach, CA

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